"William Burt’s Italian Papers”
Call for Applications

Call for Applications for three research grants on the History of Italian Protestantism (19th-20th centuries) Deadline: March 31, 2024

Happy New Year. I hope the start of the winter semester is going well! I am writing to you today to announce the publication of a Call For Applications I trust you might find of your interest. If not, please pardon this message and feel free to discharge it.
The Centro di Documentazione Metodista of Rome (Methodist Documentation Center), in collaboration with Sapienza University of Rome and New York University, announces a public selection for the awarding of three research grants (4,000 euros / 250 working hours) for the “William Burt’s Italian Papers” project.
As you can see in the Call for applications I attached to this email (ITA/ENG), the project aims to digitize, transcribe, study, and ultimately produce a critical edition of the most significant papers of the American Methodist Bishop William Burt (Padstow, England, 1852 – Clifton Springs, NY, USA, 1936) on Italy and Italians. The three selected candidates will become part of the project’s research group and will carry out an original research, whose topic will be subsequently agreed upon with me, the project director, on William Burt’s papers.
The research grants are €4,000 each, not inclusive of any withholding taxes of the candidate’s country of residence. Within the limits of logistical and financial possibilities, and subject to approval, selected candidates will be provided with the space and resources for research in Rome and New York, travel and accommodation funds, and the possibility of taking advantage of research structures and libraries at New York University. The required commitment is 250 total working hours, to be carried out during flexible working hours and if necessary remotely from the project locations in Rome and New York. The research grants may be carried out jointly with previous research or study commitments (for example a specialization program, a doctorate, another research grant, a teaching contract, etc.). In this case, the candidate must demonstrate the ability to carry out all commitments in question to the best of their ability.
The deadline for the announcement is March 31, 2024. I would be grateful if you could circulate the attached announcement to interested colleagues and students. If you have someone you would like to sponsor, please let me know as soon as possible. Your judgment will be taken into serious consideration.