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“How to Save the Planet”-a short guide for sisters and brothers who want to save our world, developed by the European Methodist Climate Youth. It is aimed at people who would like to help their community take action against climate change. The document consists of four pages with spiritual and social tips on political and personal issues in which Christians can engage. Already after the World Climate Conference in Egypt (COP27), Methodist youth released a statement appealing governments and leaders in churches to take action.


“We have developed this guide to assist lay people and leaders in their work when addressing issues related to ecology, climate change and climate justice by providing some tips and suggestions to start a conversation about them in the church.” Daniel Steinvig, United Methodist Church in Denmark.


Concretely, this could mean: consuming less meat, more fruits and vegetables, sharing property with others or selling things we no longer need, consuming less energy. All of these are embedded in a spirituality that is grateful for the richness of creation and stays aware that “all of us contribute to the effects of climate change. When it involves living an environmentally sustainable lifestyle, none of us are saints.”


The European Methodist Youth Climate Group was supported by the European Methodist Council.

About Us

The COP27 project exists to bring Methodists worldwide together to recognize the ways in which climate change transcends national boundaries. The purpose of this project is to see Methodist churches engaged at the forefront of dealing with this crisis.


It also reminds us of the role that young people will play, as they will lead the campaign. Thanks to this project, young people will finally have the opportunity to make their voices heard and lead the movement, again with the objective of a complete participation of the whole churches.


It should not be forgotten, however, that the Methodist Church is globally committed to acting for peace and justice as part of our Christian vocation, in fact it recognizes the need to respond to God’s love and promises by acting to bring God’s kingdom to earth. The injustices caused by the climate crisis, including the great global inequalities and the menace to future generations, provide an imperative for action to find justice for the suffering.



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