The “Opera per le Chiese Evangeliche Metodiste in Italia” (OPCEMI) came from the transformation of the Evangelical Methodist Church of Italy with the full implementation of the Integration Pact (1975) with the Waldensian Evangelical Church, which originated the Union of Methodist and Waldensian Churches in Italy.

The purpose of the OPCEMI is to “provide whatever may be needed by the Evangelical Methodist churches that are in Italy for the fulfillment of their institutional purposes of worship, education, charity and assistance” (Art. 2 of the Statute) , with autonomous powers in the following areas:


  • Ecumenical relations
  • Relations with international Methodism
  • The management of the patrimony of Methodist churches in Italy
  • The collection of contributions from the Methodist churches and covering the costs of the related “field of work” (pastors and deacons committed to the service of Methodist churches and works)


OPCEMI is administered by a synodal board (Comitato Permanente) composed of a President (Legal Representative) and three members elected annually by the Synod of Methodist and Waldensian churches and a delegate of the Waldensian Table.

For italian law, OPCEMI is an ecclesiastical institution with juridical personality

(Presidential Decree March 20, 1961, as amended).


comitato permanente Chiesa Metodista italiana

Rev. Luca Anziani, President

The new president, born in 1972, was enrolled in 1997 and consecrated in 1998; he is married and has three children. He has served in several Methodist and Waldensian churches and is currently in charge of the Waldensian Plurisede church in San Salvo, Vasto, San Giovanni Lipioni, Carunchio and Lentella and the Methodist Plurisede church in Palombaro, Pescara, Fermo, and Porto San Giorgio.

He has been a member of several committees including the Discipline Commission and the Permanent Study Commission and has also been a member and Deputy Moderator of the Waldensian Table, the representative institution that represents in front of the Law our Waldensian Evangelical Church (union of Methodist and Waldensian churches).

Nicola Tedoldivice vice presidente OPCEMI Italia

Nicola Teodoldi, Vice Presidente

Born in Parma in 1968, is a Methodist pastor. Consecrated at the 2019 Synod, he currently serves at Parma-Mezzani Methodist Church.

Since September 2019, he has held the position of Superintendent of the 8th Circuit of Methodist and Waldensian Churches. a Wesley and Methodism expert, he is working on a research project at the Waldensian Faculty of Rome to pursue a Doctorate in Theology.

Chemistry graduate, he works as a Quality Manager in a packaging and logistics company.

Enrico Bertollini

Born in Rome in 1965. Graduated at the E. Fermi scientific high school in Bologna. Enrolled in the third year of the Bachelor in Biblical and Theological Studies at the Waldensian Faculty of Theology. Former president of the council of the Methodist Church of Bologna; supervisor of the 8th and 11th Circuits. Was a member of Comitato Permanente of the OPCEMI from 2004 to 2011. For seven years member of the 8 for 1000 Commission.

Maria Teresa Florio

Born in Alvignano (Caserta) in 1949, retired, she is currently a volunteer union worker. A member of the board of the Methodist Church of Naples, she is also a member of the board of the 13th Circuit in the role of cashier. She is also president of the Gian Luigi Pascale Cultural Center in Guardia Piemontese and representative of the Methodist Church of Naples in the assembly of the Betania Foundation. In the past, she was a member of the Fourth District Executive Committee, the committee of the Evangelical Social Center of Cerignola and president of the Casa Mia E. Nitti Center.

Ignazio Di Lecce, Valdese Table delegate

He lives in Pavia, where he was born in 1958.
He is a graduate in Physics and works in the field of IT, dealing with software tools for architectural and industrial design.
He is a researcher in the social uses of Information and Communication Technology and in the history of the interactions of scientific research with the public domain and religious faiths.
He was a member of the board of the Waldensian Church of Pavia for three terms and supervisor of the 6th Circuit from 2015 to 2019.